The Synthetic Stellar
Spectra Database POLLUX

POLLUX is a public database distributing stellar synthetic spectra and SEDs computed specifically for the database or associated to research programs and directly provided by authors for a better dissemination of their work.

POLLUX database holds a national label of « Service National d’Observation » (e.g. national observation service) attached to the National Observation Action n° 5 (ANO-5) of the Astronomy and Astrophysics section of french National Institute for Universe Sciences. This label ensures that the data provided are VO-compliant, free of access, documented, curated and preserved on long timescales. They are also provided with added value and have been considered of interest for the astronomical community.

The people behind the POLLUX Database are :

    • Ana PALACIOS° : project scientist, project manager and Virtual Observatory aspects
    • Michèle SANGUILLON° : project computer engineer (database development, WEBsite)
    • Hervé WOZNIAK° : project scientist - Theorical Virtual Observatory aspects
    • Patrick MAEGHT° : consultant computer engineer (VO technology)

  • These people also greatly contributed to the POLLUX project :

    • Agnès Lèbre
    • Michel Belmas
  • The data producers are :

    • France ALLARD+ : data production (BT-Dusty collection)
    • Andrea CHIAVASSA* : data production (STAGGER collections)
    • Marwan GEBRAN** : data production (ATLAS collection)
    • Eric JOSSELIN° : data production (MARCS RSG collection)
    • Patrick de LAVERNY* : data production (AMBRE collection)
    • Fabrice MARTINS° : data production (CMFGEN and POPSYCLE collections)
  • Additional credits for software and webpage development :

    Aurélien Aymeras, Léon Bourdaud, Nathan Garcia, Trystan Lescoat, Fabien Rétif, Léo Reynaert, Thomas Subsol, Olivia Tortosa,

    Affiliations :

    ° LUPM, University of Montpellier (France) ; + ENS-CRAL, University of Lyon, (France) ;* Nice Observatory (France) ;** Notre-Dame University (Lebanon) and Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN (USA)