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The POLLUX Database of Stellar Spectra

Welcome to the POLLUX Website !

POLLUX is a stellar spectra database proposing access to theoretical data. High resolution synthetic spectra and spectral energy distributions have been computed using the best available models of atmosphere (CMFGEN, ATLAS and MARCS), performant spectral synthesis codes (CMF_FLUX,SYNSPEC and TURBOSPECTRUM) and atomic linelists from VALD database and specific molecular linelists for cool stars. Spectral types from O to M are represented for a large set of parameters : Teff, log g, [Fe/H], specific abundances.


 When using POLLUX data for scientific publication, please quote the reference
Palacios A., Gebran M., Josselin E., Martins F., Plez B.,
Belmas M., Sanguillon M., Lèbre A.,
2010, A&A 516, A13
and mention the following sentence:
This research was achieved using the POLLUX database
( )
operated at LUPM (Université Montpellier - CNRS, France
with the support of the PNPS and INSU.